In the archipelago of the Egadi Islands , the island of Favignana, with its tuna processing plant, boasts one of the most impressive examples of industrial architecture in Sicily.

Commissioned in 1874 by Ignazio Florio, the owner of the Tonnara, and built by architect Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda, the plant already had four years after its inauguration catching tuna for processing more than ten thousand of whom were employed up to one thousand people.

Once caught by tuna fishermen under the leadership of Rais (Arabic word for rais = head), with the age-old ritual of slaughter (from the Latin mactare = kill) , the tuna were brought inside the trap. There were hung in the woods (set of peaks to hang and drain tuna), cut, gutted, stripped of eggs that were subsequently processed, boiled, put in brine or immersed in olive oil, and finally packaged in the typical red - yellow boxes marked by the image of the lion that Florio is drinking at the shore of a stream.