"ESTERNO, GIORNO"                                                                       [Versione Italiana] 

16/23 January 2010 at Galleria 291 Est - Rome (Italy)

"Things, when we look at them, are the same as what they look like when we're not watching: I thought that if I set a camera so that it takes, automatically, a picture in a room where there was no human presence, I would be able to grasp things aback, and thus to know their actual appearance." (José Saramago).

In this sentence, there is the sense and the way in which was created the photos that are part of this exhibition. Notes of a urban trip, outside of all, where the city is revealed slowly, with a timid advance of details that emerge from behind the angles, all elements crop up in the pictures, the last trigger of the city itself: the Man.

Form, expression, humor, waiting, geometry, poverty and neglect everything is condensed into a single visual concept. A direct relationship between reality and heart, a fascination for the moments that are inserted randomly generating emotions in our lives. Emotions that Francesco Scirè tried to capture and then give the viewer with curiosity that is going to explore his photograph searching out elements of the city, which faces daily cross going to work and feelings that are etched in our memory.