"Ballarò e dintorni..."                                                                  [Versione Italiana]

The ancient markets of Palermo

19/27 March 2011 at Galleria 291 Est - Rome (Italy)

The market is a living synesthesia. Even people mingle at the market. Squeeze into one of them means to get carried away by the game.  So,  Francesco Scirè slides in the markets of Palermo and spend his time there. He doesn't rest out as impartial judge. He dirties his hands, he soaks in smells, he is an ingredient in this savory mixture of men and things. 

Vanishing points, new perspectives, such as the warp of a carpet, his shots.  This is his city not surprising: every photograph is a complaint and act  love together.  A different representation of a humanity that the market finds its  flavor older.

Fragments of stories. Thoughts in the mind of one who walks in the market, look at the benches, weighs the goods. What turns a peek corner of the wall, that pile of junk, that glimpse of heaven. Francesco Scirè spy on people. Sellers consumed by too much shouting, the customer of the bar, the shadows behind the juxtaposed windows of the ruined palaces.

The ancient markets

The people