Francesco Scirè was born in Palermo January 26, 1964. After studying engineering, he moved to Rome where he currently lives and works and where his passion for photography has become an important part of his artistic expression.
He started to "play" with the analog photography in the early eighties with a Yashica and Minolta. In 2006, he began using the Canon EOS 400D before moving to the Canon EOS 7D.
The relationship with the digital medium has helped him to develop a strong pursuit of detail to create an overall look where every detail is a fundamental element in the composition.
He attended the National Geographic International Photo Contest (edition 2009) and still in the competition Sony World Photography Awards (2009 and 2010 editions).

Among his exhibitions, in 2010 there are the solo exhibition "Esterno, Giorno" and in 2011, the exhibition "Ballarò e dintorni".


Recently, he returned to the use of the film starting a new creative path with a photographic project currently being worked on. From October 2011, he began working with the non-profit organization "Shoot4Change" made out of (both pros and amateurs) photographers, designers, artists and other dreamers who share part of their time for shooting humanitarian and social reportages for NGOs and other social organizations. In January 2014, Francesco Scirè has participated actively in the project Shoot4Coffee (Chiapas - Mexico).